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New Website!

You may have noticed a brand spanking new website appear recently! I've been working hard recently to create a website which allows you to see a whole host of different designs I have done, order straight through the website and have an easy way to order custom designs - I think I've done that! 

I am always designing new things and I'm aiming to update my photos more often so you can always get new inspiration. Hopefully the shop will allow you to easily sort through the kind of design you're looking for, so you don't get children's things showing when you're looking for a wedding gift. It should also show you how many different kinds of designs I have done and can do - I really mean it when I say they're designs for all occasions! 

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for more updates! I've been working with another small British business to start offering t-shirts, hoodies and more in the near future. I'm currently in the process of fine tuning everything, making sure the designs look beautiful and it's as easy as possible for you to order Carys L designs on clothing. 

I always post new and exciting information to my Facebook page, so if you're not already following it, check it out here. You don't want to miss out on some of the exciting things I've got planned in the coming months.

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